Nothing to see here! (aka The Blog Of Nothing)

Is it possible to be passionate about blogging without actually doing it?

When I’m nowhere near this thing, all manner of great ideas flood through my brain like an almighty, unstoppable stream of consciousness. Yet when I decide to actually put thought to keyboard….nothing.

My interests are many and varied but I seem to lack enough focus to either concentrate on one subject entirely or to concentrate on several and make the movement from one area to another seem natural and seamless. (Blimey, that’s a long sentence! Read it back twice and it seems to work though).

Even in the process of this very entry I have almost come to a crashing halt. I’ve got no idea where I’m heading or where I want to end up and yet still I plough on with no sense of what awaits me. A bit like life I suppose. And in that sense I carry on with the belief that sooner or later things will start to come into focus and more definitive action can be made and……..oh, dammit, lost my train of thought again. Until next time – whenever that may be – JW

Edit: only noticed after publishing this entry that its a year to the day since my last entry.

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