The Long And Winding Road or 40 Years Later: How I Became A Beatles Fan

Being born in the 70’s I’ve been aware of The Beatles and the individual members all of my life but never really gone out of my way to listen to them. Of course it didn’t mean I didn’t hear them on the radio, TV, films or being covered by other artists so it was hardContinue reading “The Long And Winding Road or 40 Years Later: How I Became A Beatles Fan”

The Time, The Place.

Think of a place. Any place. That’s what I’ve been asked to do. Without even putting any thought into it my mind is conjuring up an image. Is it somewhere I’ve been? Yes. Is it somewhere I’d like to go again? Possibly. Is the image a true representation of where I’ve been or a constructionContinue reading “The Time, The Place.”

Random Typing Birds

Random stream-of-consciousness where are you now? Thinking idle thoughts of nothing in particular. Can hear a bird outside chirping away. What must it be like just perched on a roof somewhere just warbling away to yourself, ten to the dozen, non stop? Chirp-chirp-chirp. Oh, now I’ve actually started to listen the bird has stopped. DoesContinue reading “Random Typing Birds”

Into The Void – Weekly Writing Challenge

                  Photo credit: Emptiness by Cheri Lucas Rowlands I don’t know why I am drawn to this photo. I think to me there is something of a mystery about it. Where is it? What is it for? Where does it lead to? The lines of – andContinue reading “Into The Void – Weekly Writing Challenge”

Object – Weekly Photo Challenge

Originally was trying to come up with something cleverer for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge but although I thought of alternative meanings to the word Object I couldn’t come up with an idea that I liked. In the end I decided a photo of something which is close to me and this blog would suffice.

I’ve Seen The Future…..(It’s Not Just Me!)

It’s February and it’s been 8 days since my last post. This sounds like the beginning of a Bloggers Anonymous session, except rather than being a mantra of success it’s rather a reflection of how I seem to have ran out of steam somewhat since following the Zero To Hero challenge. If I’m honest IContinue reading “I’ve Seen The Future…..(It’s Not Just Me!)”

Alas Poor Books…..

Ok, I think I have a problem. I think I may be a book hoarder. It’s the only conclusion I can come to. Having recently spent time re-arranging shelves to make space for some new books I’ve seen how many are currently still unread. Now when I say unread, that covers everything from not evenContinue reading “Alas Poor Books…..”

Family – Weekly Photo Challenge

For todays Zero To Hero task we had to take part in an event or challenge. I decided to enter this into the Weekly Photo Challenge. Unfortunately I can’t remember what these are. Knew I should have taken a picture of the sign! Any ideas? Edit:now pretty certain it’s a family of Marmot’s.

Just One Person – A review of “Jim Henson: The Biography”

If you enjoy biographies and you love The Muppets then you can’t go wrong with this. I still can’t believe I only found it by accident when wandering aimlessly round Waterstones one Sunday afternoon. As a big fan of the work of Jim Henson I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It covers his entire career tellingContinue reading “Just One Person – A review of “Jim Henson: The Biography””