About the Ape

“I’m an F1 loving, TV/Film liking, Orangutan supporting, Ford Focus driving, occasional photograph taking, Wolverhampton Wanderers fan.”

That sentence pretty much sums me up yet at the same time does not seem to say very much. Maybe the following will provide some illumination.

I am a former media student but have long since left that world behind professionally after only making the briefest of splashes in it. This blog is one of several ways I’m trying to flex my creative mojo again. It’s not for money or to prove a point, it’s merely to satisfy my own desire to express myself in my own time and my own way. I have nobody to please but myself. If somebody else likes what I’m writing, that’s a bonus!

When I was younger my original dream (or maybe fantasy?) was to write and direct films. Even now I can remember putting my eye at head height of my Star Wars toys envisioning how the scene I had constructed would look on a screen. At the same time I seemed to spend a lot of time writing – mostly, if not all, very short stories – something that as I got older seemed to take more and more of a back seat. I think mainly due to becoming increasingly self conscious.

As I continued my studies I found my goals subtly and almost imperceptibly changing. From a technical stand point I seemed to narrow in on editing as my key area of interest – and professionally only worked in what was effectively news/current affairs/documentary – whereas I pulled away from writing completely. Only once during my career, such as it was, did I pull on whatever writing skills I had. But there has always been something inside me that has wanted to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and tell stories, both real and fictional. This blog is a way for me to do this.


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