The Time, The Place.

Think of a place. Any place. That’s what I’ve been asked to do. Without even putting any thought into it my mind is conjuring up an image. Is it somewhere I’ve been? Yes. Is it somewhere I’d like to go again? Possibly. Is the image a true representation of where I’ve been or a constructionContinue reading “The Time, The Place.”

Random Typing Birds

Random stream-of-consciousness where are you now? Thinking idle thoughts of nothing in particular. Can hear a bird outside chirping away. What must it be like just perched on a roof somewhere just warbling away to yourself, ten to the dozen, non stop? Chirp-chirp-chirp. Oh, now I’ve actually started to listen the bird has stopped. DoesContinue reading “Random Typing Birds”

I’ve Seen The Future…..(It’s Not Just Me!)

It’s February and it’s been 8 days since my last post. This sounds like the beginning of a Bloggers Anonymous session, except rather than being a mantra of success it’s rather a reflection of how I seem to have ran out of steam somewhat since following the Zero To Hero challenge. If I’m honest IContinue reading “I’ve Seen The Future…..(It’s Not Just Me!)”

Family – Weekly Photo Challenge

For todays Zero To Hero task we had to take part in an event or challenge. I decided to enter this into the Weekly Photo Challenge. Unfortunately I can’t remember what these are. Knew I should have taken a picture of the sign! Any ideas? Edit:now pretty certain it’s a family of Marmot’s.

The Eyes Have It – (Zero To Hero: Day 12)

It’s Day 12 of the Zero To Hero challenge and I’m linking back to two blogs I have left comments on. Both blogs are related to a topic that is close to my heart and both in their own way make the same link to their subject matter. The eyes of an Orang-utan. This hasContinue reading “The Eyes Have It – (Zero To Hero: Day 12)”

The Blog Of Something

Today it’s day 3 of Zero To Hero and following the lead of today’s task I’m revisiting a draft I originally wrote back in May 2013 at a time when finding something to say seemed to be increasingly difficult. As it stood it was only three paragraphs long and incomplete. Of those three paragraphs onlyContinue reading “The Blog Of Something”

Just Monkeying Around

Here we are for the first day of a new year for this blog and thanks to Zero to Hero I’m aiming to make it more focussed and more regular than ever. This is now my third attempt at launching this blog but this time it has dawned on me that a lot of myContinue reading “Just Monkeying Around”