Random Typing Birds

Random stream-of-consciousness where are you now? Thinking idle thoughts of nothing in particular. Can hear a bird outside chirping away. What must it be like just perched on a roof somewhere just warbling away to yourself, ten to the dozen, non stop? Chirp-chirp-chirp. Oh, now I’ve actually started to listen the bird has stopped. Does it know? Is it bothered? Has it just been mugged by a cat?

Anyway, where was I, typing away blindly at my keyboard I think. Screen looks a bit bright, might have to alter that. Wish my accurary was better. Either need bigger keys or smaller fingers. Not that anyone but me would notice.

Considering it’s almost 8pm it’s still quite bright out there. Nice and peaceful too. Even with that bird chirping away to itself. Assuming it’s the same bird. May be a different one. Can’t tell. Not quite as talkative.

Just listening to sounds now. Can hear other birdsong disappearing into the distance, interrupted by the occasional passing car making its way up the street. All drowned out by my tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard. Firing off in intermittant bursts in response to the intermittent thoughts flying through my head.

Tired. I spend all day working at a computer. My eyes want to rest. Yet, if I rest my eyes I can’t look at the screen. I want to look at the screen. I keep re-reading what I’ve already typed. Keep noticing words I’ve missed out. Probably because I’m tired. Put them back in. Make sense of what I’ve written.

Think everything is okay now. Probably see something else blindingly obvious later. Probably makes sense anyway. Over analysing as usual. Only know what I think. Can’t mind read, why try? Keeping eye on the clock. Tired eye. Got to stop soon. Could stop now. Not sure when I started. Just added something. Always re-reading. These sentences are getting shorter. Apart from that one.

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