Alas Poor Books…..

Ok, I think I have a problem. I think I may be a book hoarder. It’s the only conclusion I can come to. Having recently spent time re-arranging shelves to make space for some new books I’ve seen how many are currently still unread.

Now when I say unread, that covers everything from not even opened through to started but not finished. In many cases this has occurred due to buying another book not long after and ending up reading that instead. Of course I’ve always meant to go back to that discarded book. But then other things get in the way. I begin spending my time watching films, listening to music or aimlessly surfing the internet instead.

The discarded books get forgotten about and join the rest of my collection slowly gathering dust until such time as I get the urge to pick them up again. There it sits reminding me that it’s function hasn’t been fulfilled. That it hasn’t been used in the way it was intended. That until it is read it has failed in its quest to enlighten me.

Therefore I have told myself that this is the year that I will begin to make amends to my unread treasure. That I will finally use them for the purpose they were designed for. That I will finally appreciate the amount of work it took to create them in the first place. That I will finally read those books.

One thought on “Alas Poor Books…..

  1. You have so hit a cord here. I can also add books I buy while travelling, beautiful photographs inside of places I have been but then never ever opened or looked at again… Sigh… Now I don’t buy books, I still wander around book shops but now I note the titles and authors, then get them from the library… 🙂

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