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Today it’s day 3 of Zero To Hero and following the lead of today’s task I’m revisiting a draft I originally wrote back in May 2013 at a time when finding something to say seemed to be increasingly difficult. As it stood it was only three paragraphs long and incomplete. Of those three paragraphs only the 2nd can be re-used in this blog without drawing attention to itself. The third paragraph is frankly un-usable but the first is maybe worth quoting to give an idea of my mindset back then and maybe to provide illumination as to why I’m participating in Zero To Hero this year in an effort to blog more regularly.

“ Yes, its been a while but thought I’d add another entry on my seemingly long neglected blog. Mainly this has been prompted by repeatedly seeing the blog address in my twitter profile. I’m advertising it to all and sundry so I ought to do something with it, right?” – Me 30/05/2013

Of course the biggest problem is feeling like I don’t have anything to say. This is, of course, ridiculous. We all have something to say, it’s just I never seem to have anything to say when I’m sat staring at my computer screen wanting to have something to say. Guaranteed, as sure as eggs-is-eggs, that when I’m out and about nowhere near a computer and with only my smartphone for company a million and one ideas in the wittiest, off the cuff, stream of consciousness prose will trip off my internal, unheard tongue in my brain.* Only to then be totally forgotten by the time I get home and leaving me, yet again, with ‘nothing to say’.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog for years and as an F1 fan I’d always had a title in mind. It wasn’t until last year though that I took the step to bring this blog into reality. However after 2 published entries and an unfinished 3rd I wasn’t satisfied with what mainly seemed to be summarizing the action as it evolved on screen. Thinking that other writers can do that better and that it really is nothing other than recapping what most hard-core fans would have seen anyway – I became disillusioned with the blog and decided to re-invent it. That was when Ginger Haired Ape** was born.

Nothing is ever that simple though and again my blog ended up being neglected. I even previously blogged about this problem (see The Blog Of Nothing) and still I couldn’t come up with a focus for it. The turning point was probably late last year when I decided it was the perfect place to express my feelings about the new Hobbit film The Desolation Of Smaug without having to split it over multiple tweets whilst simultaneously committing several crimes against grammar to do so. I suddenly began to realise that I spend most of my time either in the company of film (and related ephemera), books and music. Why not use the blog to comment on these things? Old films or new books, it wouldn’t matter but surely there must be other like-minded people out there who would be interested in someone else’s opinions or recommendations.

This is where Zero To Hero came in. I thought this was the perfect way to help make both myself and the blog more focussed as well as give me the impetus I needed to develop it further. In fact it’s given me such an impetus that my F1 blog has even made a lazarus-like return from the dead. Called F1 – View From The Armchair (the title I’ve had in mind for years), it dawned on me that the direction I needed to take was very much being suggested by its name. For more on that, I’ll probably add an entry to that blog and may even follow Zero To Hero for it too.

Until next time…..


*This is a very long sentence which is probably grammatically iffy at best but I can’t come up with anything better so I’m letting it slide.

**Was going to explain why I chose the title Ginger Haired Ape – it’s a relatively simple story – but may come in useful for a future blog entry.

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