Just Monkeying Around

Here we are for the first day of a new year for this blog and thanks to Zero to Hero I’m aiming to make it more focussed and more regular than ever.

This is now my third attempt at launching this blog but this time it has dawned on me that a lot of my spare time is spent either listening to music, watching films/tv or reading books (and not all of them new either) so why not use that as subject matter. As a former student of Media you would have thought that would have been an obvious idea to come to. Apparently not!

In terms of design, the camels’ days are numbered. Not that I’ve got anything against camels. I think they’re marvellous creatures. But with a blog title of Ginger Haired Ape, it should be an Orang-utan. Which is okay as I particularly like orang-utans. However this orang needs to be using a typewriter and I’m not sure how readily available copyright free images of ginger apes typing are. Photoshop is kind of my friend though so I’ll have to see if I can cook something up myself.

Until next time…….


3 thoughts on “Just Monkeying Around

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